Nov 12:Couple from USA:South Africa Safari and Cape Town

Hello Stephan,

I’m sure Michaela intends to reply as well but, for my part I can say the trip was a success.

Highlighted, of course, by the safari.

The people there were very good at what they do and the hospitality was great. The experience of seeing the wildlife exceeded our expectations.

Everything was good.

BTW, John, who took us from safari to the airport via a several hour tour is an especially interesting man. We did enjoy the trip and tour as well as our conversations with him.

I’m sure that you hear a lot from your clients about the Apartheid Museum and Soweto.

We left the Museum with some sadness, some anger and yet also some sense of hope … very impactful.

Soweto and Victoria have to be seen, of course. As you know, some things have to be seen to understand. Reading and hearing aren’t the same.

For us the pleasure of seeing things that our daughter had experienced 8 years ago was a lot of fun. Talking to her about it and those things that have changed really added to the entire trip.

Finally, we will send a photo or two asap.

Very best for the holidays,