Hello Stephen,
On the morning after our Thanksgiving holiday, I have lots to be thankful for.

I was on the continent of Africa for 3 weeks, also visiting Senegal and the Gambia. They were all great places to visit/tour, with such vast contrasts in just about everything. On the second day of touring Senegal, I wondered if perhaps I had made a mistake booking them back-to-back.

Having just left all the beauty of SA, especially Cape Town, it was still vivid in my memories. However, things picked up and I grew to appreciate the difference, for which I am very thankful.

You did a great job with my group’s tour! Everyone was very pleased that it was executed so incredibly well with a group that size. Though it wore them out, they loved all of the activities that were packed into the itinerary.

They were told months earlier that I wasn’t taking them that far to sit around in their hotel rooms; now they believe me. Hats off to you for coordinating everything so well; thank you!!

Needless to say, the school visit was the most poignant portion of the trip. Though I initially hesitated at the idea of such a big production, it was tastefully done and was well received on all sides. Thank you for having the foresight to arrange it.

Do you have any photos or videos of the school visit to share with us? My niece took some great photos and videos and we would love for the students to see themselves, but realize limited access to computers makes that difficult. Any ideas?

Again, thank you for another wonderful South African vacation/holiday.

BTW, I am sharing a video of the West Africa trip that I surprisingly put together. See below.
It’s missing a few days though – new camera that I kept forgetting to charge.


Zandra   DC  Travel Agent