Sep 2012:Group from Wisconsin USA South Africa/Botswana/Victoria Falls.


Again, let me tell you what an outstanding time we all had in Africa.

Your suggestions were fabulous and I am just glad I listened to them.

We are having a “picture party” on Nov. 10th.

We can determine who got the best shots of the jacana band and of the cape buffalo/rhino/lion encounter.

They can be forwarded to you.
I will also ask for some testimonials at that time as well.

I know everyone had a great time.

A couple of suggestions for the future.

At least for our group who were quite adventuresome, the “Boma” in Victoria Falls was quite commercial and touristy. Very poor entertainment. Definitely for the young, heavy drinking tourist. The plus side was the sampling of the game meats. That

I liked the fact that we ended our Africa experience camping in the bush.
The game viewing in Chobe was over the top.

However, we should have added an extra night at the end in Vic Falls at any hotel for repacking, showering and a good night’s sleep before the long journey back home.

By the way the Vic Falls Hotel was really special. What a setting and such great ambience and service.

Thank you for having Traugott be our guide. He made the plan you & I put together come alive.

What a wonderful person. And lastly, thank you for meeting us in Cape Town
on several occasions. It was nice being with you in person after a year and a half on the phone and emails.

Thanks for the superb job.