Sep 2012:South Africa/Botsawna from USA

 It all was good.
Martin was an outstanding guide.  Perfect.  Able to discuss and answer Al’s many many questions and specific subjects.  Nice to accommodate both of us.
cape point tour  south africa
I could’ve had an additional day at each game lodge; but, not Al.
Very impressed with Cape Town.  Loved the B&B at Clanwilliam.
Loved Nottens….everyone super nice and food great as you said.
Victoria Falls Hotel….too many mosquitos (spent the first night killing a dozen mosquitos in our room).  Personally, I was indifferent to whether we stayed at Victoria Falls Hotel vs. The Kingdom…..but glad we got Vic Hotel.  I didn’t like the looks of Kingdom when the van dropped off another couple.  I dislike anywhere where there is a casino….and the greeter dressed in costume….nevermind.
Only bad thing about Vic Falls Hotel were the numerous mosquitos in our room….seems they should control with spray.  We were constantly killing mosquitos.  They did not furnish a net until the next day (7 bites for me…0 for Al).
Chobe’s safari was a nice contrast to Kruger….both so different.  Had fantastic experiences at both.  Sometimes, I was a bit disappointed on full-jeep game drives for photography…felt no sense making issue for so many jeeps in vicinity anyway, especially at Chobe.
Either place, I did not see the option for private drives.
   Thank you for an amazing trip.