Cape Town:Sea Kayaking and Sunsets

As most people plan a South Africa Holiday,I would say most nearly all include in there tour to South Africa, a stopover in Cape Town, along with  some Cape Town Tours.

Cape Town South Africa must be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.Sandwiched between scenic mountains and the combination of the Atlantic and Indian oceans,enjoying a Mediterranean climate,Cape Town is a young, vibrant, active, multi diverse city to tour.

A tour of Cape Town offers you much choice,from land based to water based tours and activities.

One of which is enjoying the beautiful,fresh,clean, Atlantic ocean. I have never Sea Kayaked before, which is quite popular in Cape Town.

Sea Kayaking Cape Town

Sea Kayaking Cape Town

I recently  went with a old school friend who is experienced and kindly let me use one of his boats. There are companies that rent out boats.

I imagined it to be quite strenuous,difficult, and tiring. However after we returned,where out for over a hour,we did about 4kms,I was not all tired.The other person who went with  us and who had not kayaked before, was not tired either.

We where quite lucky this day.Up the coastline from Cape Town is the town of Hermanus from where you can do some of the worlds best land based whale watching. This activity from about June onwards to about November is when the Southern right whales come to calve in the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean.These whale spread out up the  coast line, seeking bays closer to the land, which offers some magnificent land based whale watching.

On this kayak trip we came across a pod of whales, what they doing in the bay in mid March, only they know that answer.However we where  very happy to see a pod about 10 strong,strung out across the bay.We had some impactful visual sightings, and they where quite talkative sending out loud long calls to everyone.

It was quite an experience…large cluster of birds where dive bombing/fishing all around us, whales talking, diving, Dolphins who followed our Kayaks,a curious seal that tagged along for the ride, beautiful clean air, sunshine…a fantastic experience

I understand that  not everyone would want to Sea Kayak or be active during there tour of Cape Town. However for those that enjoy this type of experience, its well worth it to enjoy a sunset kayak after a  day tour of cape town.

Well worth it.

Of course,what else would end the day of on a high note…it would be the beautiful Cape Town Sunsets that Cape Town is famous for.

Another beautiful Cape Town sunset.

Another beautiful Cape Town sunset.

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