Africa Safari and or South Africa  Tour Contact Information

Stephen splits  his time  between South  Africa  and the  USA, some times going back and forth twice or so a year depending on what my clients needs  are.

Since I work Internationally, I am available  via different contact methods,and am flexible when we make contact,which can be during normal office hours,or evening times, or on the weekends,according to our mutual schedule.


Masai Mara Kenya

Stephen in the Masa Mara Kenya.

We all have busy schedules,so I am flexible when we talk

I pick up e mail messages,all day long and when necessarily at night as well

 I have also have Skype account by which we can communicate.

Phone  USA  office: We operate out of a  traditional ARC licensed office ( bonded and it enables us  to issue International tickets and Domestic Tickets on a world wise basis )

 We offer a after hours emergency contact numbers for our clients when they are away in Africa.

 Ashland, Oregon  Ph:  541  482  6050

Phone South  Africa ( not on all the  time  please inquire)   

International 27  82 433  7389

Inside South Africa: 082 433 7389

Alternatively, you can use  our custom design Africa Safari/South Africa Tour form.

You can use this  form like a Shopping cart, making notes  note  of what camps/lodges/hotels/ tours interest you.

In that we, can design your experience as you want it.