Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for some of our Safari packages is mandatory.

For others, while not mandatory, its very, very highly recommended

We have two options for  your Travel Insurance.The company  below we have worked with, for many years.

The Link below has Standard and Luxury coverage…it has 2 policy options



If you have any pre existing medical conditions, with this Travel Insurance company, they are accepted up until final payment is due. Since this may change at any time, please read the EXCLUSIONS AND INCLUSIONS so that you are  clear on the timeline for pre existing conditions.

Our other option for you is to use the Travel Insurance link below, that compares many different companies. Please ensure that you read the Inclusions and Exclusions.  A  cheaper Travel Insurance premium may not offer the  best coverage.


                          Compare Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance covers a broad variety of areas such as, but not limited to:

* Travel delay

* Baggage delay

* Accidents and Sickness

* Emergency Medical Evacuations

* Carrier/Tour operator Default.

* Medical/Dental Emergencies

* Trip cancellation

* Trip Interuption

* Rental car damage

Travel insurance cost is dependant on your trip cost and age of the travellers.

Please note, for thos travellers who choose not to purchase Insurance, I will in most cases ask from you, a signed understanding of the trip change/cancellation rules/costs,as without Travel Insurance, you are in most cases incurring a complete loss of the trip cost.