Luxury Africa  Safari

What is a Custom Designed Luxury Africa Safari?

It means that after we have talked and given you options about your Luxury Africa Safari, you can then choose to design your Africa Safari experience around specific camps, and or location/eco system, and or any combination of these.

We can take any Africa Safari itinerary that you like and add in any specific Africa Safari camps,or begin with specific Africa Safari camps/locations and build your Africa Luxury Safari itinerary around that.

You can discover some of our sample Africa Safari itineraries,as well as a selection of different Africa Safari camps located in these different areas below.

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Selinda Camp  Botswana

In Botswana for example most  folks like to experience  its Eco diversity,by visiting at least 2 to 3 areas ie Chobe National Park, Savutie, Okavango Delta, Selinda, etc.

 Usually a Zambia Safari also offers multiple Safari areas,ie Kafue National Park/Basunga Swamps,South Luangwa,Lower Zambezi  National Park.

While South  Africa Safaris also have multiple parks,yet generally people do not visit multiple locations on a South Africa Safari as  they do on a Botswana Safari or on a Zambia Safari.The majority of the Safari experience is in the Kruger National Park.

Shorter visits ie 2 to 3 nights  is usually the average length of stay for a South Africa Safari,while longer stays for a Botswana or Zambia Safari is generally the norm, ie 5 to 8 Nights.

A tour of Victoria Falls is generally included as part of a Botswana Safari and or Zambia Safari,as it fits quite well into the trip flow.

A combination that is  popular among my clients,is a 2 night Kruger  National Park Safari ,2N Chobe National Park Safari, combined with a Victoria  Falls stopover package.

Jacks  Camp Kalahari Botswana

 Activities that are available to you on your Luxury Africa Safari:

1) A leisure Safari.

2) Specialized photographic Africa Safari.

3) South Africa walking SafariBotswana Walking SafariZambia Walking  Safari

4)Canoe Safari.

5) Mobile Camping Safari.

6)  Camping/powerboat Safari remote channels of the Okavango Delta,Botswana.

7) Houseboat Safari.

The Mode of  transport in Botswana or Zambia.

We offer a scheduled air charter that transfers you along with others between camps, or we can offer you a private pilot  fly in Africa Safari.

With a private pilot,you move at your own pace,have a private plane and pilot,and we can access more remote  areas.

Image of some of the planes used for Inter camp transport at About Africa Safari

We will design your Luxury African Safari based on any combination of these factors above.

We will take care of all the Internal flights,to get you to the Safari are.All you need to do is enjoy the experience.

 Zarafa  Camp Botswana