A Botswana Safari

offers possibly the greatest diversification of any Africa Safari.

While there is a selection of countries to experience a Africa safari in, if you choose a Botswana Safari, then you will have chosen one of the most diverse eco systems in which to experience your Africa Safari.

Safaris in Botswana have a wide selection of Eco diversification,along with a range of lodging experiences,for eg:

  • Permanent Safari Lodge,
  • Permanent Safari Tents,
  • Houseboat Safari
  • Luxury Mobile Camping

A added bonus is that Chobe National Park, one of the wildlife areas of Botswana, is very close to Victoria Falls,about a 90 minute drive,so that one can combine a tour of Victoria Falls along with a Safari in Botswana.

While we custom design Botswana Safaris,we have given you some Botswana Safari ideas as a place to start from

We can take any of the Safari in Botswana itineraries that you like, and add in any other Botswana Safari camp, or take any of the specific Botswana Safari camps or locations,and build your Botswana Safari itinerary around that.

Alternatively we can speak on the phone, and design from options I can give you, which all depend on your trip budget,length of time that you have to travel,and your travel interests.

Zarafa  camp Selinda Reserve

  Safaris can be experienced in many different ways.

While leisure photographic Safaris ie Games drives are the main way for Botswana Safaris to be experienced, Botswana offers you diverse Safari options in conjunction with Game Drives.These can all be utilized in different ways to create a  broader and diverse Botswana Safari experience.

Options are :  

Botswana Walking  Safaris ,

Botswana Mobile Camping Safaris ,

Botswana Canoe  Safari 

Boating in the Okavango Delta 

Houseboat Safaris.

We  have also created an About Safaris  which answers questions about an Africa  Safari such as Water vs Land Safaris,Permanent Tents vs Lodge, Safaris Activities, etc

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park September 2012

You can design your Botswana Safari by choosing camps,activities or by choosing a full Safari tour.These are all flexible.




We will design your Luxury Botswana Safari as you want it. Below are some ideas.

Combine a lodge stay with a Luxury wilderness tented en suite stay for the complete Botswana Safari.

Take a luxury mobile Botswana safari through the most pristine remote areas of Chobe National Park,Savuti and the Okavango Delta.

Stay in the Selinda Reserve for the exceptional privacy and game viewing at either Selinda Camp or at Zarafa camp.

Take a 4N remote en suite tented motor boat cruise in the Okavango Delta channels.

Experience the unusual wide open plains and lion buffalo interaction at Duba Plains.

Use an experienced private guide throughout your Botswana Safari.

Interact with the San bushmen, the oldest traditional tribe in Africa.


Weather in Botswana

The best time for birding and lush vegetation in the Okavango Delta is during the rainy season (Nov-April) as the migrant bird populations are returning and the plants are flowering and green.

The best time for game viewing in the Okavango Delta is during the May-October period,as animals are concentrated along the flooded areas and the vegetation has dried out,making it them more visible.

Mid-winter (June/July/Aug) can be very cold and the worst heat is encountered from September until the rains start in late Nov/Dec.

During the rainy season ( Nov-Apr) , the annual Zebra migration to the Savute plains takes place. The local guides call it the “Little Serengeti.” This area is best visited from November to May.

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