6N/7 Day Fly in Botswana Safari

This short flying adventure allows you quick escape into relaxed wilderness.

It incorporates the Northern part of South Africa and parts of Botswana.

Private Pilot Safari, differs from the scheduled Safari bush flights in that its your private plane/pilot.

It costs more than the scheduled flights, however its the highest level of privacy on a Safari.

Zarafa Camp  Selinda  Botswana

Location: South Africa/Botswana

Best time to visit: May to December

Approximate Trip Cost: From $8,500 per person 

 On request please enquire using our Africa Safari request  form

Trip Actvities: Game Drives, Mokoro,

Can this trip be modified:Yes. We can include scheduled bush flights,incorporate other areas,and more private bush lodging.

Private fly in Safaris,are different from the schedules Safari packages.Here the pilot is your guide,or he will hire a local guide.

You move at a different pace,stay at different lodges for the most part,and experience more of the remote destinations.

Its more personal,slower,intimate,and focused on your needs.

Days 1 & 2:

We start this trip in the Limpopo Valley.We land on the new and impressive Limpopo runway – the air is warm and dry.

Driving to the rustic tented camp exposes an ancient world of rolling faraway hills,abundant wildlife and elephant signs everywhere: football sized droppings,wind blown footprints and bark stripped mopane trees.

Late afternoon game drives blend into exciting night drives, with nocturnal life being highlighted and captured by a powerful spotlight. Mountain biking is offered as a fun activity.

Days 3 & 4:

We take-off early for the heart of the Okavango Delta.Your charted flight takes us over the largest salt pans on earth which, when filled with water, become the natural home to thousands of pink flamingos.

Momba camp 

The flat dry featureless terrain below suddenly transforms into a lush green oasis.

The trees are big and graceful.

The ground is soft white sand and there are random pans of crystal clear water scattered everywhere.

The more you look the more you suddenly see – insects, birds, spotted cats, big animals, small animals and spoor everywhere.

An unobtrusive camp rests quietly and peacefully in this abundance.

Days 5 & 6:

Choice of Selinda Lodges

Selinda Camp   or    Zarafa Camp

We fly out of the lush Delta area and land on the Selinda runway where solitary palm trees dominate a flat hazy horizon.

The wildlife catalyst is a lazy twisting Linyanti River snaking its way through a parched dusty landscape.

Our base,a welcoming luxury tented camp.

Zarafa Camp

There is a traditional wild dog den nearby, and cheetah’s silently patrol the surrounding golden grassy plains.

On a previous trip two young male lion,sleeping in the shade of my aeroplane’s belly,delayed our departure for the next destination.

Day 7 :

Option to fly you to the Victoria  Falls for  a overnite stay or fly you back to South Africa from where your  journey started.