Botswana Safaris Linyanti/Selinda/Kwando Area

A wonderful area of mainly open plains, with larger herds of grazing animals, river systems to boat on, as well as this is the area that one will be  most likely to find wild dogs,cheetahs, and the famous Lions that attack hippos.

There are few places in Botswana like the Selinda Reserve.It is centered on the famous Selinda Spillway,which links the far reaches of the Okavango Delta in the south with the Linyanti water systems.

The Selinda Reserve is upstream from both the Savute Channel and ChobeNational Park.This  means it shares the same characteristic ie a body of water that attracts a high density and quality of game.It is secluded and remote,and a must experience on your Botswana Safari.

You can explore this  are via a walking safari,4×4 game drive,by boat or sitting and waiting in a hide for the wildlife to come by.

This is one of my most favorite areas for a Botswana Safari

Luxury Camps  are:

Selinda Camp

Selinda Canoe Trail

Selinda Explorers Camp

Zarafa Camp

Kwando Lebala

Zarafa camp Selinda reserve Botswaan Safari

Botswana Safari Zarafa Camp


The Selinda Reserve is one of Botswana’s famous wildlife ‘concessions’ or private reserves that offers all the privacy that Botswana is famous for.

At the same time, guests to the Selinda can enjoy wildlife viewing at a level that Chobe National Park is famous for – but without any of the crowds and without the restrictive rules and regulations that are needed in areas of high tourism density. With only 18 guests, Selinda can offer a peaceful and private experience far from the crowds – but with unrestrictive and exhilarating wildlife viewing.

The Selinda Reserve has a network of small tracks that traverse the area, and if there is something special on the go, we can go ‘off-road’ sensitively when there is something exceptionable.

There are still places in this reserve where no person has ever set foot before.

The Selinda Spillway provides a major thoroughfare for game migrating between these two rivers systems and is well known for its game-rich floodplains which is home to a variety of bird life, wild dog, cheetah, lion, antelope and zebra and during the dry season the high concentration of elephants.

The high rains of the 2009 wet season resulted in epic floodwaters. For the first time in nearly three decades the Selinda Spillway flowed in full, connecting these two ancient waterways.

Then, the ample rains of the first half of 2010 and 2011 ensured that the Selinda Spillway continued to flow. The headwaters met again in early May 2010, three months earlier than in 2009, and even earlier the following year in March 2011 and 2012.