Zambia  Safaris

A Zambia Safari is a little of a throw back to the yesteryear of Safaris.The eco diversity in the terrains,the size of the herds, and the remoteness,all add up to make a Zambia Safari,a very unique experience.

From the plains of the Busanga Swamps in the Kafue Park,to the ruggedness of South Luangwa and the mighty Zambezi river in the Lower Zambezi National Park,a Zambia Safari has wide eco diversification,and thoughtfully planned camps.

We can give you lots of freedom and flexibility in how you can experience your Zambia Safari.You  can design your Luxury Zambia Safari either by Location,at one of our Luxury Zambia Safari Camps or by selecting one of our recommended Luxury Zambia Safaris.

Alternatively,we can take any Zambia Safari itinerary that you like and add in any specific Zambia Africa Safari camp,or take any specific Zambia Africa Safari camp,and build an itinerary around that.

We  have also created an  About Safaris  section which answers questions about a Africa  Safari such as Water vs Land Safaris,Permanent Tents vs Lodge, Safaris Activities, etc.

The Victoria Falls Zambia Side ie Livingstone is a easy add on to any Zambia Safari.

Victoria Falls Zambia 

Shumba  Camp 


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