Luangwa Safari House

The Luangwa Safari house is not the usual safari lodge that you find in a Safari camp.Its a completely one of kind,unique private house that can house up to 8 guests.

This house is huge,impressive,open,airy,comfortable,private,secluded,and its in a game park.

It has four very large ensuite bedrooms, with a huge dining/sitting area, and comes with your own private chef and house manager who will take care of the menu planning  with you.

All the Activities ie a private guide and vehicle,game drive,night drives,walking safaris,and all the meals will be as you want them.

Zambia Safari Location: South Luangwa Park, Zambia

Best time to visit: April to October

Approximate per night rate : It varies,please enquire.

Safari Camp/ activities:

Drives, night drives, walking safaris plus more activities, Relaxing in the  bush.

The base of this house is twenty five ancient and weathered leadwood trees.The entrance side of the house is faced with stones from the hills.

The  door opens into a huge main room,which allows you to see through the front of the house,as the house is completely open.

Luangwa Safari house is located on the edge of a seasonal lagoon  with the Chindeni Hills as a backdrop.Quite a impressive site.This area is used by the animals to feed and water throughout the day.

During the winter time,one can eat on the deck with elephants all around you.



As you can see in the photo above,the large living room has comfy sofas and a big marble dining room table.

The height of this room is some twelve meters,all the way to the thatched roof.It has a wooden staircases that takes you to the upstairs bedrooms.

Many of the fittings in the house are hand made metalwork.The open front of the house leads out to a tiled terrace which has a large plunge pool.

The waterhole for the animals, is only meters from this deck,so you will quite near to the elephant that come to bathe in it.



Each of the four bedrooms is unique and different in design,with a large bed,either king size or twin, that fit under one mosquito net.Each room has a wooden ceiling fan inside each net.

All the the beds have a different design.

The materials used are hand painted and specifically designed.

All the upstairs rooms have a private wooden balcony,and  the downstairs bedrooms both have  private tiled verandahs.



Each bathroom again is unique in it design,in that it has  different themes for the fittings,that  reflect in the colors used in the bathrooms.

For example copper for the Coral room which includes a hand made copper bath, to recycled sandblasted aluminum in the Blue Agate bedroom.

The Luangwa Safari House is one of a kind, that balances space and luxury with nature right on your doorstep.