Mana Pools Canoe Safari

This short duration Safari can be combined with any South  Africa,Botswana,Zambia  Safari to create a varied Safari experience.

This Zambia Canoe Safari allows guests the closest possible encounters with wildlife on one of the greatest rivers in Africa.

This Canoe Safari takes  you  through the Mana Pools National Park, and its one of the best ways to safari in Africa.

This Zambia  canoe experience gives  you lots of  close bywildlife viewing and aamzing birding

You will  be led by a knowledgeable guide who travels with the guests throughout the Safari.

This type of Safari gives you a full  sense of being close to nature in the very heart of Africa.

Imagine arriving on a deserted Island in the middle of this majestic river,to find your tent and luggage waiting for you,and  a private hot open air shower to finish the  day of.

This area happens to be also one  of the best walking areas in Southern Africa.

If  you want the Luxury of a lodge experience before the simplicity of the canoe camping trip, you can combine a stay at Ruckomechi Camp before or after the safari

On this Africa Canoe Safari, each night is spent camping on the banks of the Zambezi River, and its an approximately 65km canoe trip.

This Canoe Safari  is for reasonably fit guests, and  there is also a support vehicles with staff  who assist  the guests and set up camp each day.

The Mana Canoe Trails have regular departures and are scheduled every Monday and Thursday between 1 June 2013 and 31 October 2013.



Best time to visit: May to November.

Approximate Trip Cost: On Request  please enquire

Trip Summary:

A Lower Zambezi Canoe Safari

Trip Activities: Canoe Safari, walking.

Can this trip be modified:Yes

Pre or  post  Lodging stay to enjoy the area  via game Drives is recommended

Day 1
Guests are transferred from Kariba or their previous overnight stay, to Ruckomechi, by air transfer arriving at about midday.

At approximately 2 pm, after meeting the guide and going through a thorough safety briefing, participants leave the Ruckomechi area in their Canadian canoes and paddle downstream to our mobile camp in the Mana Pools National Park.

 The camp will have already been set up in advance and the first afternoon of paddling covers about 10 to 11 kilometres.This  relatively easy distance  gives the canoeists a chance to familiarise themselves with the various simple paddle strokes required.

Day 2 & 3

Typically, canoeists are awakened before dawn, at approximately 0545 hours, with tea/coffee and biscuits and we try to get onto the water just before sunrise.

 This is a magical time on the river as the water is usually dead calm and the peace and tranquility is amazing.

 After paddling for a short while, usually about 2 hours, we beach the canoes on the bank and set out for a game walk.

The guide chooses a suitable area, based on his knowledge of the area and game movements and we take a few hours to explore on foot, and unravel some of the intricacies of the bush.

After returning to the canoes, and a light snack, we continue canoeing to a suitable lunch spot, arriving around mid-day.

Lunch is carried in the canoes and usually consists of a salad and cold meats meal with a quiche or home baked pies, as well as bread rolls (freshly baked on the fire in camp).

We normally rest up in the shade for a while or take another short walk before moving on at about 3pm to arrive at the next camp at dusk.

The camp, and all luggage, will have been moved by the camp staff and all that is required to be done by participants is to enjoy a hot shower under the stars, and a cold drink, followed by a fresh cooked meal and to sleep the sleep of the pleasantly weary.

The daily distances covered from one camp to the next are around 20 to 25 kilometres and the daily routine will vary according to participant’s abilities, needs and interests, as well as wildlife movements.
Day 4
After breakfast by the river, guests will either be transferred by Land Rover to the Chikwenya airstrip for the flight out or can take a walk to Chikwenya camp for an additional night or nights stay if they wish to spend more time in the wonderful Zambezi Valley.