Zimbabwe Safaris

Zimbabwe is slowing emerging from its negative past to take its place again at the Africa Safari table.

Many years ago,to go on a Zimbabwe Safari was regarded,as one of the prime Safari viewing experiences in Africa.

A Zimbabwe Safari fits in seamlessly with a Tour of the Victoria Falls,as well as a Botswana Safari or Zambia Safari,as part of a Africa Safari expanded experience.

The 2 main areas for a Zimbabwe Safari is the mighty Zambezi River,here the herds are large,in a beautiful setting,with mountains in the background,and the Zambezi river.As well there is the famous Hwange Park,with its relatively close proximity to Victoria Falls.

One can combine a tour of Victoria Falls,with a Safari in the famous Mana pools area,as well as Hwange National Park.This is a nice combination of water and land experiences,that gives you diversity of wildlife and eco systems.This is what gives a safari in Zimbabwe such value.


Possibly the nicest of the Zimbabwe Safari camps,situated on the western boundary of Mana Pools National Park.

Ruckomechi Camp

While Ruckomechi Camp may not be pure luxury,its close enough, and when you add in the location,and Safari activities,its a Luxury experience,and that is the main quality I look for when I design a Africa Safari.

Since  the Victoria Falls is a usual stopover point on most Botswana, Zambia, or Zimbabwe Safaris, we cannot not include the “Grand Old Lady of Hotels”.

Luxury Victoria  Falls  Hotel

kanga camp Honeymoon Suite Mana Pools Zimbabwe

Kanga Camp Mana Pools

Somalisa Camp Zimbabwe

Somalisa Camp Zimbabwe

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