Ruckomechi Camp Mana Pools

Possibly one of the most beautifully located camps in Africa,right by the Zambezi river,and as a choice for a Zimbabwe Safari experience,it does not get any better than this.

Ruckomechi Camp,is located in Mana Pools National Park,and is a small private remote camp,accommodating only 20 persons max.

Each of the luxury tents,have a indoor and outdoor shower,and a outdoor tub,a bath-with-a-view in a secluded,scenic area.

This is what makes this camp so special and unique among the many Africa Safari camps.Its location,features,and experienced staff.

Africa Safari Location: Mana Pools Zambezi River.

Best time to visit:  April to November

Approximate per night rate : From  $677 and up per person per night

Inlcude Accommodation (sharing), all meals, scheduled camp activities, park fees, laundry, and local drinks.

Rates exclude premium imported drink brands and Champagne.


Canoe Safari, Game Drives, Game Walks, Bird watching


The camp has a separate deck with an infinity pool, hammocks, and a cushion-strewn star gazing deck.The main areas of the camp is dinning room etc,are connected to each other by low-level walkways.

Ruckomechi Safari Camps Activities

Ruckomechi offers a wide range of game activities that include game drives,canoe trips,boating and fishing.Daily game walks are available,these are with an armed guide,and mid-morning game viewing trips by boat to the surrounding islands are available as well.

For those who want to experience a different type of Africa Safari,there is a 3-night Africa Safari canoe trip on the Zambezi River.

There is also a combination canoe and walking Safari trip that  you can do.


Mana Pools

Mana Pools National Park lies at the heart of the Zambezi Valley.The Zambezi River flows for  about 300km to the Mozambican border.

Mana Pools is a remote,scenically beautiful place, with incredible views of the river, as well as the floodplain area, the tree canopy and the mountains of the famous Rift Valley,in the distance, looking into Zambia.

This part of the Zambezi River is famous for its four main pools.The Park is named after these pools  ie ‘mana’ means ‘four’ in Shonna.They are remnants of part of the river which stopped flowing years ago.

These and other seasonal pools, hold water all year round, which is the draw for the wildlife.

The plentiful ana trees that characterize the floodplain area,drop their protein-rich pods during the dry season,which provides vital nutritional elements for many species,and in particular for the elephant.

Wildlife viewing is very, very, good,with large concentrations of buffalo, elephant, and this area has all the main predators ie lion, wild dog, leopard and cheetah are often sighted.


Here is a description of this camp from a client of mine from May 2013 from New York, USA:

I absolutely loved Mana Pools! From the tent camp to game safaris & staff to the food. Chobe was absolutely fantastic too, don’t get me wrong, but Mana was my fav of the 2. Definitely contrasting landscapes betw the two & Mana was more remote (in the bush) vs Chobe that felt more like a truer “enclosed” national park like national parks we have in the states (sans the elephants etc etc).
I have lots more to tell & about 900 photos to upload! But catching up on work & work emails today so I’ll fill you in w/more later this week or over the weekend. And when I narrow down my photos i’ll send you a link to view them.
Got to see 4 of the big five (no rhino) & tons more: hyena, pack of wild dogs (chasing impala & them getting chased by male elephant protecting a baby nearby), black backed jackal eating a freshly caught hare, few female adult lions (one resting after have just eaten half an impala) & 3 lion cubs, leopard, zebra, mongoose, tons of elephant & giraffe & hippo, croc, baboons, monkeys, iguana, impala, water buck, sable, genet, warthog, amazing landscapes & sunsets & full moon & the list goes on.