North Island in the Seychelles

North Island in the Seychelles is a place of luxury, actually the barefoot kind,and is perfect for those wanting unspoilt, Island retreat experience.

North Island is one of the ‘inner’ islands of the Seychelles – it is often referred to as one of the most beautiful on Earth.

A Seychelles Honeymoon, a beach holiday,a romantic getaway,this is the place.

2006 Condé Nast Traveller Readers Awards voted it the ‘No 1 in the World – Best of the Best’.

Location:   North Island Seychelles Indian  Ocean

Best time to visit:   All year round..Ask for details

Approximate per night rate : E1,942 per person per  night

Hotel/Camp/Resort activities:Diving , Biking, Snorkeling,Island walks,



The Accommodation at North Island is only 11 handcrafted guest villa. Each villa is constructed with that understated elegance, located  on the eastern beach. The type that makes your jaw drop when you enter the room.You are  never more than a few steps from the pristine, powder-soft sanded beach.Each villa also features a second bedroom

As a honeymoon destination, a North Island Honeymoon in the Seychelles, either by itself, or as part of a larger Africa Safari or South Africa tour,is hard to beat.


The structures at North Island Lodge have all been individually handcrafted in the distinct flavour of the Seychelles.

The lounge, dining room and library, scenically located health spa and gym, world-class dive center  and a rim-flow swimming pool at North Island, have  all built into a granitic outcrop.

Activities at North Island can include mountain biking,a  gym, guided walks,  snorkeling, fishing, boating, sea kayaking, and or scuba diving. alternatively there is the art of doing nothing.Just being in this tropical paradise.


North Island is an prime example of  sensitive use of the  natural treasure.Natural habitats have been  rehabilitated and where critically endangered Seychelles fauna and flora are being reintroduced.

The activities on offer at North Island are designed to give guests the opportunity to enjoy this Island either under guidance  or alone. This gives you the guests the freedom to move around the Island at your own pace, either on foot, on mountain bikes or by Island Buggies.

  • Scuba diving: Seychelles forms part of the world’s longest coral reef system and has some of the world’s best scuba diving sites.There are many dive sites that have been identified around North Island and its nearest neighbour Silhouette Island.
  • Snorkelling: There aremany  good snorkelling sites around North Island and Silhouette Island.
  • Sea kayaking: For those wishing to explore the Island from the water, with all the necessary guidance provided.
  • The Gym is air-conditioned .
  • Island bicycles are available.These mountain bikes are suitable for getting from one side of the Island to the other with ease.
  • Island Buggies: Each Villa has its own dedicated Island Buggy. These are  specially adapted electric carts look like miniature 4x4s, that give you the freedom to move around the Island.

  • North Island Sunset Bar: 
  • A walk along Grande Anse Beach as the sun sets is an experience not to be missed – especially as the Sunset Bar lies at the end of the walk. This simple, rustic bar is located just above the high water mark on the northern end of Grande Anse. Drinks and light snacks can be served for those wanting to enjoy this beach.
  • Fly-fishing is an option for any guest. North Island has fishing rods, tackle and flies in stock for guest use. However, it is recommended that serious fly-fishermen bring their own rods and tackle.
  • Boating and island hopping: Boating around North Island or other trips could include visits to Mahé and the outer islands, including the spectacular bird islands, Arid and Cousin, and can be arranged at an extra cost.
  • The North Island library: An extensive natural history library and research centre, lovingly renovated out of the old coral ruins, houses all the documentation concerning the history of the Island as well as details of its rehabilitation and plans of the building of the lodge.
  • Slide shows and talks are offered, enabling interested guests to learn about Seychelles and North Island, as well as a wide range of ecological and conservation topics.
  • Turtles: Depending on the time of the year guests may be lucky enough to witness the Hawksbill and Green turtles laying their eggs on the eastern and western beaches of North Island. Researchers will tag the turtles so that their breeding activities can be monitored.
  • Walking: Guests are able to explore the Island by walking around it and along its extensive beaches, or climbing the granite outcrops and crossing the saddle linking the eastern and western plateaux.
  • The spa is located in inspiring surroundings, overlooking turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs. North Island’s spa provides a unique treatment menu specially derived from island ingredients.
  • Birding. The Island plays host to several bird species including 5 endemics, namely Seychelles Kestrel, Seychelles Blue Pigeon, Seychelles Swiflet, Seychelles Sunbird and Seychelles White-Eye.