Blue Train  Pretoria to Cape Town 

By know the name Blue Train is well known within the  world of Luxury train travel.It  has won the worlds most Luxurious train award, and if you want the true experience of  Luxury train travel,then look no further than the Blue Train.

The Blue Train has a travel schedule that allows you to either get to Cape Town or depart from Cape Town.

Luxury Suite  by  day.

Approximate trip cost:   From ZAR 13, 625.00 per person and up depending on the season.

Trip summary:   

Luxury 1N  train trip

Trip activities:

As  below

Selected  Mondays, Wednesdays

Departure Time:  Pretoria:  08:50 (am)
Arrival Time: Cape Town:  12:00 (noon)

Day 1:

07:50 – 08:30am  Register and check-in at The Blue Train Lounge, Pretoria Station.Guests enjoy pre-departure snacks and drinks.

08:30am  Boarding starts Butlers usher guests to their suites.Suite orientation done by butlers.
The Blue Train departs from Pretoria Station @   08:50 (am)

1030 to 1230 pm First sitting for Brunch

12:30 – 14:30pm Second sitting for Brunch

15:30m  High tea is served in the Lounge Car.

17:10pm  The Blue Train arrives at Kimberley Station.
Guests disembark and assemble at the railway museum, from where they will be ushered to a bus, which transfers
them to the Kimberley Open Mine Museum.

17:45pm Guests arrive at the Open Mine Museum
for a tour of the mine.Guests are first taken to view interesting and historical sites. Guests are also taken onto an enclosed ramp on the edge of the Kimberly hole.

18:35pm Guests depart from the Open Mine Museum for Kimberley Station.
At Kimberley Station guests are greeted with a glass ofsherry. The sherry glass engraved with The Blue Train logo
is a memento for guests to keep


705pm The Blue Train departs Kimberley Station for the journey Southbound to Cape Town.
After this exciting tour, guests are free to refresh themselves and enjoy pre-dinner drinks served at any one of our

Remember, dinner is an elegant affair and men are requested to wear a jacket and tie and ladies elegant evening wear.

Dining Car.

19:30 First sitting dinner

21:15   Second sitting dinner

Day 2: (Next morning)

07:30 – 10:00 Breakfast is served on a first come first serve basis.

Breakfast can also be served in-suite at the guests’ request.

12:00   The Blue Train arrives at  Cape Town Station.

Butlers usher guests to   The Blue Train Lounge

Your transfer driver/guide will meet you at the  Lounge.