What is a Africa Safari Permanent tent ?

It mostly happens that when I describe the lodging options available while on a Africa Safari,and I get to the permanent tents portion, I generally obtain a  negative response.

Tents are associated with camping and the budget small dome tents that are used… hence this brief description.

Generally Africa Safari camps have permanent tents and permanent construction lodging options.These are not in the same camp.

Some camps  are tented, some are lodge style, occasionally you will find a mixed camp.

The permanent construction lodging is easy to describe and understand.A frame construction with solid lumber sides, etc

So then what is the tented option.

These are not dome tents….no little walk in small tents.

See  for yourself.

Zarafa camp Selinda Botswana

Zarafa Camp Selinda Botswana

These tents have a permanent base, like the construction option,and are full on walk in tents,with the ceiling at about 9ft, usually built on a A frame model.

 With a frame outer roof, and usually built with a inner  A frame roof, these tents generally have :

 Complete en suite bathroom

Some have private outside showers

Private Decks

2 Singles, Double, and Queen size beds

 Some have 4 posted bed construction with netting that hides surrounds the bed at night….

 With mesh windows built into the canvas there is plenty of outside viewing area, along with roll up shutters if you want to be in total darkness.

 One can lie on your bed, and safari game view, as you generally face the bush or a open plains area..

These Africa Safari tents are fully equipped with electricity, some have safes, cupboard space, sinks, toilet, pest repellent, shower, sitting chairs, tea/coffee facilities, some with sunken sitting area decks.

The space in a tent bring you so much closer to nature.

 The General size of a moderate tent is about 156sq ft excluding the outside deck space, and about 250sq ft for the First Class/Luxury ones.

I love the tented experience….the openness to nature, the fabrics used, the furnishings used, the deck space, the outside shower experience, all combine to make this Africa Safari lodging option, a memorable one.

Stephen Abelsohn Africa Safari specialist…




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